Shredders get free respect!

About Phat D's.


We specialise in bicycle re-builds, detailing, customisation and product reviews. But nothing is a limit, and though they can be frustrating, we run head on into problems, no band-aid fixes.


We are trying to break the mould and do things a little differently. To reach a market, not necessarily broad, but the percentage in the market who want to go that further mile and have great pride in their modern steed!


Bicycles can be as unique as their owners, and they should be! If you have an idea for your shred sled, feel free to talk to us about it. 


Contact Us

Unless you are a triathlete...

Feel free to call and talk MTB smack. Alternatively if you are keen for a ride let me know 🤘

Phat D's Customs

Cairns, Queensland 4870, Australia

0448 527 363

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