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How it started...

Creating custom, eye-catching bicycles was where Phat D's started. I personally have never been a fan of just buying a bicycle out of the box and always went to great lengths to create something unique, but it had to blend, look natural. I like to think that the end product looked as if it could have been a factory, team or concept version. After my own personal builds grabbed the attention of a few select customers keen to do the same, I came up with the idea of Phat D's, in an effort to stop the overflow of stock bicycles all over the trails. I take extreme pride in what I do, and have no bigger critic than myself. It genuinely gives me joy to see customers wanting to customize their own rigs.


Custom Builds

The limit is only your imagination....

Also obviously your wallet as well. I understand the costs involved are not cheap and I sometimes painstakingly throw hours at the bicycle and don't charge, just to go that extra mile. I see the end product as my own success, and I appreciate just as much as I hope you do.

Send me a DM on insta or an email

Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have an idea that you want to run by me, even if it is to only confirm sizing, geometry & symmetry/compatibility of chosen components, not everything works together and sometime it is easy to get carried away.


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